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When I started conjuring up my characters for And the Rainbow touched Mauritius, I initially only had one main actress – my heroine – Laura Rivière. But the more I wrote, the more I came to realize that I would come to have several strong personae. I began to know them – to like their quirks. It is simply impossible not to like them – each in their own way. Some spring from my imagination, others are people I’ve met – though here they go by other names than in real life – to some I’ve added a little spice, just a pinch or two – and from some I’ve deducted.


Gaëtan – Creole and born and bred Mauritian with an overflowing passion for the island. His charisma surpasses most. That he carries the same first name as a former Minister of Tourism, Gaëtan Duval – The King of Creoles and the man who marked Mauritius on the map of the World only adds to its value. He took  great pride in it. Truth be told he felt a close kinship with the ex-minister. King Creole – Gaëtan often sang the tune and loudly to boot – the neighbours didn’t always enjoy his vocal efforts.


Laura – after many years of hard work she has moved with her family to the sunny side of the street, to one of the bigger beach villas of Pointe d’Esny. She has inherited her curiosity and enterprise from her beloved father – Gaëtan, albeit she uses them with more finess.


Francesca  – elegant Italian baroness and ex drug commissioner of the Drug Enforcement Administration – DEA. Always on the go, unable to disengage from her work even when on holiday.


Mala - the woman with the worn hands living in the area the municipal architect forgot – the dwellings of the poor. For forty years she has been cutting sugarcane by hand.


Sans Souci  –  rebaptized slave who’ve gazed deeply into the honey coloured eyes of Satan himself.


Rebecca – Beautiful slave and thoroughbred thief



Right now I’m hard at work on the second book of my triology. Its working title is “Rebecca of Le Morne”. My intention is that half the book shall take place in the last years of the 1700’s and beginning of the 1800’s, and the second half in our time. The characters I’ve already presented take part here as well. For weeks at a time on several occasion I’ll be writing at CHILLpill.A little further away in the lagoon of Pointe d’Esny lies Laura’s and some of the others houses, I can see them from my terrace. We’ll see what they are up too…..