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 And the Rainbow touched Mauritius

Mauritius is an island paradise where Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Buddhists live side by side in harmony. Might that be why the Mauritian flag unites all the colors of the rainbow? Or are those dazzling colors inspired by the brightly painted pirogues, the traditional fishing boats?


Just as dazzling is the novel And the Rainbow touched Mauritius. Warmth, humor, struggle and romance fill its 348 pages. Together with Laval de Marques who is returning to his much – loved Mauritius we land in the book´s first pages. This magic world of land and sea opens itself to us like the unfolding of the island’s heart-shaped anthurium flowers.


Meet Gaëtan, a true Mauritian and patriot with an overflowing passion for the island. Baroness Francesca, the glamorous Italian and ex drug super intendant who was present at the capture of Pablo Escobar. Mala, the woman who has dedicated her entire working-life to the cane-fields. And then of course there is Laura, so tender and creative in heart and soul, a woman whose deepest passion is awakened by a sensual meeting one magical night.


The paths of the poor and the rich collide, in wonderful portraits of persons and great joy.


These events play out against the backdrop of the implacable past of Mauritius, and we come face to face with the harsh realities of those who witnessed the building of this land: slaves and plantation owners. Sorrows and affections are intertwined, but at the same time intense joys and achievements inspire  hope for a positive future.


Present day happenings and a rich heritage blend together as the destinies of individuals across time and space introduce us to the history of Mauritius, the land where the rainbow has its home.

Let And the Rainbow touched Mauritius colour your mind!


Available in Mauritius at bookshops, supermarkets, Hotel boutique, Rs 490

Order And the Rainbow touched Mauritius from  ELP@INTNET.MU (export outside Mauritius only) 
Price; 13 Euro + freight

ISBN; 9789994910960

Pages in the book; 348.