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Improving by the years

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It’s a hot afternoon and I am at 14th street in New York, formerly the slaughterhouse district. Here the railway ran above ground, directly to factories and warehouses, allowing trains to roll right inside buildings. Milk, meat, produce, raw and manufactured goods came and went without causing street-level traffic. Nowadays the former meat packing district is a hot spot, with lots of restaurants and art gallery’s. The blue-collar area has become a hip place. The old railway has been turned into a park, New York Highline. Part of the tracks remain and the architect has successfully combined rock, teak, greenery and flowers. You can even soak your feet if needed after the 2,4 km long walk the High Line provides.


The last train ran in the 80ies with three freight-cars filled with frozen turkeys. Had I been strolling along here then it would have been in high heels, now I’m more “down-to-earth” (see picture). I would have needed to stop and refresh feet aching from stilettos, but I know I wouldn’t have, I’d have suffered but later in the evening have changed into even higher heels to go to a disco. By then my feet would probably have resembled stuffed turkeys.

Before going back to my hotel I am going to visit a gallery – beautiful and serene. There is a time for everything. I hope you’ve noticed the pink details on my shoes…. who said that no stilettos equaled boring?



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