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Living the 5

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I stare at the plate with the 13 baby tomatoes and the carafe with sparkling water – altogether 41 cal. To make it more appetizing I’ve put the tomatoes on a beautiful plate and added sliced lime to the water – I grant you to no avail. This isn’t fun.



The doorbell rings and one of my friends come visiting – she is the original inspiration for this diet. As soon as she has crossed the threshold she opens her arms wide and exclaims:


“You are glowing! Didn’t I tell you, after two weeks of suffering the reward arrives. I’m standing really close to you and can see the change, but I promise that even from afar it’ll show just how good you feel. This diet is fabulous, the kilos simply melts away”


For those of you unfamiliar with this magical diet I can tell you that for 5 days of the week you eat what you normally eat, i.e. what you prefer, and the remaining 2 days you as a woman are allowed 500cal/day, men can add another 100cal. To optimize the effect you are to exercise during your “2days”. Today for lunch I’ve had a marinated chicken breast (no skin) with lettuce, a few drops of olive oil, a tablespoon of cooking yoghurt with a splash of tabasco, plus water of which you can have unlimited amounts.


And once you lost the intended weight, and to keep the kilos off, well you just continue the weeks as 6:1. That is one day of starvation per week.


We go into the kitchen and my friend brings out a bag from one of the cities more prominent bakeries from her hand bag. There is a butter-filled bun, a container of whipping cream and a bar of milk chocolate.


“I didn’t get any for you as I knew it was your ‘2 day’ ” says my friend. “I felt that autumn was here to stay, and I wanted something warm, a big cup of chocolate with whipped cream and, well, you know how I like to do things properly”.


I volunteer to melt the chocolate while my friend whips the cream. I slowly break the bar into bits. When the stove heats up I sniff the sweet chocolate vapors. My friend got a little too talkative so the cream got a little too well whipped – almost turned to butter, but it quickly blended with the hot chocolate.


“As your feeling so autumnal perhaps you want to sit in the family room where I can get a fire going?” I ask her


“No, not at all, the kitchen is perfectly all right. We’ll light a few candles, that’s so cosy”:


Said and done.


“Tomorrow is my ‘1 day’. I’ll do as you and have baby tomatoes for a snack, they’re somewhat of my favorites, satisfies my need for sweetness and all the while feeling wholesome and fresh”.


When I’ve lost my four kilos – still three to go, I know I’ll never again buy baby tomatoes. If ever I’m served a salad with tiny tomatoes I’ll probably push them to the side, that’s how it goes!


“Do you fancy joining me at a vernissage tonight? my friend asked.


“No thank you, I need to rise early tomorrow for to fly to Tel Aviv, provided the flight isn’t cancelled, it’s due to the ongoing conflict”.


“You don’t say, I’ve read that it’s supposed to be the worlds safest airport. Your job is really something else, you seem to attract terrorism don’t you?


As soon as she has said this I can tell how wrong she thought it came out. As a slide show  memories appear in my mind, it was September the 23rd 2001, barely two week after September the 11th had become a concept. I’m back in New York, it’s a different city than what I’m used to. All over southern Manhattan there is a mixed smell of acid smoke, ashes and burnt corpses. I’m standing two blocks away from what used to be the  WTC, now a huge black hole. We were many standing there, looking out over the devastation, most with vacant heartbroken stares.


This was the moment the world was changed when fanatics took over for a while. The majority of the worlds population had to adjust to new rules. Such extensive security checks that the joys of travelling risk being extinct, due to a few thinking that they’ve done a good deed and taken themselves to a better world, while we who are still in this world find it completely changed thanks to Satan himself.

In two months I’ll be in Mauritius, as far away from terrorism as possible. Then the Mango tree at Jumeirah Mosque in Port Louis will be in full bloom, bearing hundreds of fruits. That’s my favourite spot to sit relaxing for 10 to 15 minutes. It’s not my religion, but somehow it has felt even more urgent for me to come here after what took place in New York the 11th of September 2001.


Hopefully I will have lost my 4 kilos of weight and can live by the 6:1 principle. I shall make New York-style cheesecake and offer it to a few friends,  no weird light products included – original Philadelphia Cream Cheese and fresh vanilla pods. Capuccino out of my Nespresso machine, with steamwhipped milk without airbubbles, just smooth fluffy foam. And a healthly dollop of brown sugar. I support the local production!

If that amounts to too many calories, well, I’ll just swim a little longer. The sea outside my house will be 25 degrees Celsius!


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