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Coupure 2015


Coupure 2015






• TV recording in April 2013 at Pointe d ´Esny, one of the most beautiful lagoons in Mauritius with Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation for




a programme about books and authors by Dr Issa Asqarally and producer Dil Bhoodhna. Shown at MBC 3, Thursday 4:th of July 2013.


• Interview

radioone Interveiw by Finlay Salesse for Dimanche Culture in April 2013.



• Critique

And the Rainbow touched Mauritius puts together a novel which will render its readers nostalgic about the story of Kunta Kinte. It stands out as a pioneering piece of work, since never before has the slave legacy of Mauritius been described in such humane words and with so much emotion…

Amit Bhoonah, author of ”Mauritians in the second world war”.


• Coupure


When Tord Magnusson, Honorary Consul of Mauritius and Representative of Air Mauritius in Sweden, told me that a lady he knew wanted to write a novel about Mauritius and asked me to see how I could help her along the way, I was very dubious at first.

Being a lover of our rich historical past, I did not want irrelevant matters being bandied about just for sensationalism sake. But, I should not have worried as during our email exchanges it became clear that Annika was not only passionate about her book but also possessed the legendary ”rigeur” and discipline attributed to our Scandinavian friends.

It has been a real pleasure and honour to be able to furnish her with some historical details as well as acquaint her with the vernacular aspects of our language and customs.

Her book is full of the light, colour and love that only a passionate person can depict so accurately and pleasantly.

Annika through her book will, no doubt, be an effective ambassador of charm for our beloved island nation and I wish to extend my personal thanks to this very special lady.”

P.S: Film Studios of International Standard are being built in Mauritius as the government proceeds to set up a Film Industry. Who knows, Annika’s book could, one day, make it to the Big Screen.



Marcel Lindsay Noë

Consultant to the Vice Prime Minister,

Minister of Finance

Consultant to the Minister of Tourism

MAURITIUS / ILE MAURICE + 230 52545262