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Meet Nilesh Boodhun, the photos he has taken of Colonial doors are of such a quality that Mauritius most prominent fashion designer, Annabelle Fleury was inspired to call her latest Collection ”Old Port Louis”


Five years ago young Nilesh began taking pictures with his cellphone. A little over three years later he had saved enough for a Canon camera and had also joined a photography group for both amateurs and professionals.


We decided to drive along the coast from Mahebourg via Vieux Grand Port continuing on towards Poste Lafayette looking for doors. This because Nilesh has gone beyond simply capturing Colonial Houses, he now focuses on the doors, naming them ”Timeless Doors”


I asked Nilesh if he thinks about the history behind these doors and how old they might be, and yes he does, read his short story below about his photos, they are beautiful, reaching all the way to the stars …


Like many people I like taking pictures all around, but gradually I started becoming much more interested in the actual craft of photography. While browsing among the many amazing pictures on the internet and following talented photographers all over the world, I was stricken by the mood conveyed through the eye of the photographer to the picture which has nothing to do with just taking pictures. This got me to really start learning about the techniques and mechanics of a camera, the general rules of taking a good photo.


At that time I had my mobile phone then shortly after a compact camera gifted by an uncle. Although gear is not important in taking a good photo I started to realize that I was limited by my small camera, some of the shots and effects I wanted to take proved difficult and impossible to get with.


I started looking for a decent photography enthusiast/pro camera which is a DLSR and my excitement to consider buying a DSLR went down when I saw how expensive and delicate are those gears. I fell somewhat discouraged but then I decided to start saving up and in the mean time keep shooting with what I had.

Photography can be practiced by everybody but if you are more serious than the others about it then some costly investments is necessary.  



After a few years having been able to buy my camera, I joined the photography group PAPM on facebook which regroups a lot of talented Mauritians whether they are amateurs or professionals. I started learning more and getting motivated by many of them which became good friends of mine. To this day I still learn and amass knowledge about the art of photography and how to convey a particular mood through a picture.


While on a street photography outing I clicked some old buildings in Port-Louis which some of them had beautiful and colorful old doors. While reviewing the pictures on my computer, I kind of like the feelings emanating from the textures, shapes and colors of the doors with the buildings as well.




I made a first album and from the encouraging comments and feedback I got I decided to make another one and also before those old precious doors and buildings get destroyed to make place for concrete.



So after a couple more albums, I am always on the look for old doors for my next album and I always tries to find really nice and new ones to prevent the photos from being redundant.


One of my other interest is astrophotography which is taking pictures of the sky at night, with long exposure the camera is able to capture celestial bodies outside earth atmosphere such as other planets and even our own galaxy, the milky way which is my favorite part.


I have several times consider doing this passion of mine as a job but unfortunately it is a very saturated market and can be quite unstable. But being a enthusiast is enough as it is always a pleasure of exploring and discovering new subjects to shoot. I am always learning and discovering new techniques to perfect my art


Lastly I would like to mention my favorite quote from David Alan Harvey:

”Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like”…