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Veronica and I

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Veronica and I



At the age of 19, the Swedish authorities wanted to prematurely retire her because of her disability. Today, 17 years later, Veronica Hedenmark has 1000 employees all over Sweden, and received a medal from the His Majesty the King for her skills in leadership.


Day two at the book fair, Veronica and I share the stand along with six other ”Qoola women” . I’m there to promote my book and Veronica her lectures. It is noticeable that Veronica is interested in fashion – a young lady in a red dress, white tights and red high – heeled shoes – very female!


Veronica was born with four fractures, when she was nine years old she had 152. She talks about all the times she felt the terrible pain, at its worst, it will remove all the zest for life. Once it subsided it is replaced by THE WILL. I asked Veronica if she thinks her will is in the genes?
- No, she says, you have to decide to create a good life for yourself. And that is exactly what Veronica did.
She started her first business at age 19 – no money – no computer – paper and pencil was her means. Today she has 1,000 employees from the north to the south of Sweden. Her ambition is that people with disabilities should be seen as an asset. She is a debater, business leaders, lecturer and entrepreneur.
- We shall not compete but help each other, said Veronica.


When I talk about Mauritius Veronica listen with great interest. She is present at 100% – that characterize a great leader! Apart from the beauty of the island, she gets to know briefly about slavery and that I for the first time, will be climbing up the mountain Le Morne. Veronica gives me some valuable tips on how I can best continue to sell my book on the island. I also get to know that she has organized trips abroad.
– Now I want to Mauritius, I’ve never been there.


I start thinking about who to contact first, where and with whom will her lectures be at its best. Veronica interrupt my thoughts. She looks at a picture of the mountain Le Morne.
– I also want to climb the mountain !
– What …? I notice that my tone is very surprised
Now Veronicas face beam with contentment…. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT ….


I don´t think we shall be surprised if we one day will see a great lady in a ”small body”, climb up the mountain in a motor driven wheel chair …


27:e september 2013



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